What We Do

Investment Banking

As an Investment Banker, Capital Markets, LLP finances a wide variety of financial needs to meet diverse customer requirements. We act as both a “Direct Lender” and a “Market Maker”.

As a Lender, we make loans for the acquisition and refinancing of corporate, industrial, and commercial real estate, as well as for machinery and equipment.

In the role of a market maker, we foster and create a competitive market for the customer’s working capital, term debt, and project financings as well as subordinated debt and equity offerings.

Creating Value

We add value and provide benefit to the customers, the referral sources and the financing process by:

  • Identifying and resolving issues in a transaction early and supporting the process from origination to closing;
  • Properly structuring financings to maximize the benefit to the customer; and
  • Coordinating and facilitating the closing process to insure timely funding.


Our many years of experience and expertise allow the borrower to remain focused on running their business, while knowing their financial needs are being aggressively and professionally managed. Whether lending or market making, we use a broad array of financial resources, from conventional banks to insurance companies to corporate finance companies to various public capital markets.

Our expertise includes many aspects of balance sheet and off balance sheet financing.

Working Capital loans:  to provide for growth or for problem resolution for both small companies and their conventional borrowing needs and for larger middle market firms and their complicated, multi-traunch receivable and inventory loans.

Machinery & Equipment loans (or leases):  securing complete product lines, full industrial plants as well as capital expenditure lines of credit.

Real Estate mortgage loans for long term or transitional commercial and corporate/industrial real estate; Construction loans of various types and project financings of various kinds; Sale Leaseback financings to optimize dollars raised, cash flow and/or enhance other senior debt requirements.

Unsecured Financings in the form of Subordinated Debt or Equity financings to provide for recapitalization, acquisitions, or ownership transitions.

We are well versed in various forms of credit enhancement and taxable and tax-free bonds [Industrial Revenue and 501(c)3].  We use these options for both large and medium sized financings. We are proficient in both Balance Sheet (credit) transactions and Cash Flow financings.

Client Base

Our Clients are middle market companies whose sales range from $5,000,000 to over $100,000,000.  We work with firms whose credit is excellent and need niche financing and with those companies suffering from a checkered profit history or experiencing complications from rapid growth.  We can offer extended assistance by careful review, structuring, and aggressively closing transactions.

We serve primarily the Northeastern United States.

For More Information…

For more specific information, please refer our Transaction List  If you have other questions or would like further information, don’t hesitate to Contact Us via phone, fax, mail or email.

Industry Affiliations

John has been a long-term member of the Connecticut Association of Realtors, the Connecticut Chapter of the Turnaround Managers Association (TMA) and the Association for Corporate Growth.